151 Quick Ideas to Get New Customers

Author:Jerry R. Wilson
ISBN-13: 978-1-56414-830-8
Pages: 192
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For most businesses, attracting new customers is a never-ending effort
anchored in uncertainty, frustration and knee-jerk reactions. Jerry Wilson’s
151 Quick Ideas to Get New Customers takes the mystery out of creating an
ongoing plan with proven tactics to keep the phone ringing and the door

The basic concept: Attract an endless flood of new customers at little or no

151 Quick Ideas to Get New Customers demonstrates that you don’t have to
use expensive and never-ending sales events, coupled with expensive
advertising and energy-zapping promotions, to turn on a constant,
never-ending flow of new prospects. And you don’t have to invent any new
approaches, concepts, or buzz words to do it! Just follow some of Jerry
Wilson’s 151 proven ideas and discover amazing results…fast!

Jerry Wilson has spent more than 25 years researching what his
clients–small and medium sized businesses just like yours–need to do to be
successful in today’s marketplace. These powerful ideas work! Each is
presented in a bite-sized package that encourages instant execution. No
long chapters with endless justifications, pontifications, philosophy and
personal stories. Just 151 great, practical ideas any business manager and
owner can use to make an immediate difference in his or her business

How much could just one good idea be worth to you? It could be worth a
fortune! How much has McDonald’s made by selling millions of Happy Meals?
And what was it worth for Kinko’s to offer 24/7 copy center hours? Don’t
overlook the one good idea that could make your business a success!

Jerry Wilson is a successful business person, entrepreneur, professional
business and marketing consultant and accomplished professional speaker.
He is also the author of Word of Mouth Marketing. Initially published in 1991, it
was the first book that focused on what some call buzz marketing and viral
marketing. It has also been published in four languages – Spanish,
Portuguese, German and Italian. Wilson has been published in Entrepreneur
magazine, Success Magazine, Master Salesmanship and Personal Selling
Power, among others. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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