Leadership Skills That Inspire Incredible Results

Author:Fred Halstead
ISBN-13: 978-1-63265-150-1
Pages: 224
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Format: Paper
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"Success in a new venture isn't about how much you can do yourself. In my role as mentor and advisor to many founders, I consistently fail in convincing them of the power in wise delegation. I saw this challenge highlighted well in a new book, Leadership Skills that Inspire Incredible Results. Halstead has spent many years coaching and consulting with over 200 organizations, and he's helped me articulate the benefits of delegation--and better understand some of the key barriers."

"This is a practical, easy to read, and results oriented book anyone in a leadership role will greatly benefit from reading."
--Mike Lafitte, Global Group President, CBRE

"Leadership Skills That Inspire Incredible Results takes direct aim at the skills needed to more effectively lead people and achieve higher levels of performance. If you are motivated to become a better leader and catalyze greater results, be sure and read this book cover to cover."
--Jon Foster, President- American Group, HC

What do leaders and executives do to keep improving their performances and maintain momentum? They go back to the basics. Fundamentals are the glue--communicating, listening, questioning, inspiring followers, being accountable, and delegating. These essentials are the change agents for leaders with a desire to succeed.

In Leadership Skills That Inspire Incredible Results Halstead gives readers the same advice, guidance, and techniques he offers his clients. He outlines the skills needed to be an effective leader and provides techniques augmented by real-world examples from companies that include Spotify, Clif Bar & Company, Honeywell, and Eileen Fisher. Learn how to: 

  • Hone others' critical thinking through insightful powerful questions
  • Inspire followers
  • Fearlessly delegate with mindful purpose
  • Create a culture of accountability

Readers will see how the development of these skills demonstrates respect for others that will inspire them to tackle goals and produce results previously thought impossible. It shows professionals at all levels how to improve these skills to create greater success for them, their team, and their entire organization.

Fred Halstead's executive coaching emphasizes understanding and taking full advantage of one's strengths, discovering powerful new ideas, being accountable, and measuring results. As a result of his 30-year career as an executive search consultant, he has developed an understanding of the traits of high performing leaders and how those traits can be adapted to unique cultural environments. Halstead is an academically trained coach and has decades of experience in assessing the leadership skills of hundreds of senior executives and the cultures of over 200 organizations. He specializes in coaching highly successful CEOs and senior-level executives who are open to positive change and wish to increase their abilities as great leaders. He lives in Texas.

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