The Next Gen Leader

Cutting Edge Strategies to Make You the Leader You Were Born to Be

Author:Robert C. McMillan
ISBN-13: 978-1-60163-309-5
Pages: 304
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Format: Paper
Price: $16.99

"Brilliant, bold, and substantive is how I describe Robert's latest masterpiece. As a passionate executive coach and consultant, he levels the playing field for everyone to discover their leadership genius. This is more than a book; it's an ecosystem that will change your business locally and globally. Read it, apply it, and share it."
—Simon T. Bailey, best-selling author of Release Your Brilliance

"For years I have been looking for a blueprint to climb the leadership ladder of success—this book is more than a blueprint, it is the complete system and has helped me soar."
—Rolanda Richards, consulting practice administrator, Morgan Franklin Consulting

While today’s global economy is experiencing a significant cycle of outsourcing across industries, leadership cannot be outsourced; it must be organically transformed. The Next Gen Leader will show you how to discard outworn traditions and become the next-generation leader you were born to be! It is a system designed to help you maximize individual, team, and organizational leadership potential, regardless of your position, pay, or power.

The Next Gen Leader will introduce you to:

  • Assessments to identify and master leadership networks and styles.
  • Leadership traits, features, and profiles to maximize individual, team, and organizational success.
  • Secrets to increase performance, value, and productivity, leading to advancement, promotion, and increased pay.
  • Coaching exercises to accelerate and measure progress, performance,and results.

    Robert C. McMillan is one of the world's foremost thought leaders and experts on leadership transformational systems. Personally trained by leadership guru John C. Maxwell, Robert's solutions are rooted in two decades of leadership experience in corporate America, which includes a journey from rank-and-file to the C-suite as an executive for a health insurance company serving the President of the United States, Congress, White House staff, and millions of federal employees. His clients have included Motorola, BlueCross BlueShield and General Electric. Robert is the founder of the Next Gen Leader Institute and is a speaker, consultant, and coach to organizations and professionals around the world. Robert lives in the Washington, DC, area with his wife, Yolanda, and their two children, Journee and Jalen.

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