Job Search Bloopers

Every Mistake You Can Make on the Road to Career Suicide... and How to Avoid Them

Author:Laura DeCarlo and Susan Guarneri
ISBN-13: 978-1-60163-016-2
Pages: 256
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8.25 inches
Format: Paper
Price: $15.99

You’ve been told, “Learn from your mistakes.” But why? You don’t have to
waste your time or energy in missing out on the job of your dreams while
learning as you go!
In Job Search Bloopers you’ll peek into the lives of job seekers as they share
their sometimes hilarious and all-too-often horrendous career blunders. With
each story you’ll also gain practical and easily applicable real-world advice on
how to avoid making the same or similar bloopers while maximizing your
success in attaining your next position.
This book will furnish you with the tools you need to succeed against:
* Job-Application Avalanches: Maximize this “simple” document and stop
taking it for granted.
* Resume-Writing Roadblocks: Ensure your resume rises to the top of the
* Cover-Letter Casualties: Make your cover letter your greatest application
* Follow-Up-Letter Follies: Secure a second interview, even if you think you
failed in the first one.
* Job Search Jinxes: Land your next job at least 50 percent faster.
* Networking Nightmares: Leverage your network to find the hidden job
* Common Job Curses: Select the job that will be right for you and that leads
to greater satisfaction and longevity.
* Interviewing Inadequacies: Master easy techniques to stand out in the
* Slippery Salary Slopes: Increase or double your salary by asking one simple
* Job-Reference Rejects: Move your references from passive speaker to
personal champion.
Whether you read cover-to-cover or pick out the topics relevant to your
current needs, you’re certain to eliminate the roadblocks standing between
you and your new job with Job Search Bloopers.
Laura DeCarlo, BA, MCD, CEIC, CERW, CCMC, is president of Career
Directors International, the premier educational and credentialing
organization for career professionals. She has 16 years of expertise in
resume writing and career coaching as principal of A Competitive Edge Career
Service, LLC. She has earned 12 certifications, published two interviewing
books, and received numerous resume writing and job placement awards.
Susan Guarneri, the “Career Assessment Goddess,” has assisted
professionals, companies, colleges, non-profits, and government with career
consulting for 22 years. With a master’s degree in counseling from the Johns
Hopkins University, she holds 12 certifications (career counseling/coaching,
resume writing, and personal branding) and has been published in 40-plus
books, top-ranked careers Websites, and blogs.

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