The Virtual Manager

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Hiring, Managing, Motivating, and Engaging Mobile Employees

Author:Kevin Sheridan
ISBN-13: 978-1-60163-185-5
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Format: Paper
Price: $16.99

The mere suggestion of employees working from home is enough to make many managers sweat. Faced with the prospect of managing an employee they can’t even see, many discover that their managerial style just doesn’t work anymore. As an increasing number of jobs can be executed from home, managers must learn how to adapt their leadership style to cater to remote employees.
Based on years of research, The Virtual Manager provides any manager with the tools he or she needs to successfully work with virtual employees. Trust us: it’s not like managing office-bound employees! This book is a tell-all user manual for a new generation of managers.
To stay competitive in a global marketplace, it is essential to incorporate virtual employees into talent management strategy. The Virtual Manager arms managers with the knowledge they need to be become effective virtual leaders, including actionable advice on how to:
  • Leverage the top engagement drivers for virtual employees
  • Develop or alter policies and procedures to fit virtual employees’ needs
  • Impact business outcomes through a flexible work strategy
Kevin Sheridan is chief engagement officer (CEO) of HR Solutions, Inc., a human capital management consulting firm specializing in employee engagement surveys. Sheridan pioneered the idea of duel-ownership of employee engagement and was the first in his field to address the imbalance that an entire industry had overlooked. He has done consulting for some of the world’s largest corporations and is a frequent speaker at conventions. His work and research have appeared in a myriad of national and international publications. Sheridan received a master’s in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School. He resides in a Chicago suburb with his wife and two daughters.  Visit his site here.

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