Don't Take the Last Donut

New Rules of Business Etiquette

Author:Judith Bowman
ISBN-13: 978-1-60163-087-2
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8.25 inches
Format: Paper
Price: $14.99

PRAISE FOR Don’t Take the Last Donut
“Judith Bowman has written the definitive business etiquette guide.”
—Success Magazine
Don’t Take the Last Donut provides all you need to know so that you don’t lose your job position or business deal.”
—Colorado Springs Business Journal
Don’t Take the Last Donut gives you the tools you need to be confident and letter-perfect in any business setting—from pitch to presentation, from networking to contract negotiations, and everything in between. With this book, you will easily master the art of small talk, the protocol of the perfect business introduction, and the many nuances of the business lunch.
You’ll learn:
•The protocol of the proper business introduction...even if you have forgotten someone’s name.
•The art of creating a positive first impression.
•How to manage an awkward moment.
•The vast differences in rules of etiquette around the world.
Plus, in this paperback edition: a new appendix, showing readers how to exceed expectations in the workplace and go from fine to fabulous. In this age of economic uncertainty, every edge counts.
Judith Bowman, founder of Rhode Island-based Protocol Consultants International, is a veteran of protocol education. She provides training, seminars, personal coaching, and speaking services for small and medium-sized companies, as well as Fortune 500 firms, and now provides certification for those who want to be a protocol consultant. A graduate of Boston College, her articles have appeared in Forbes, CFO Magazine, Money, Women’s Business, the Boston Business Journal, Self, the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, and many others. In addition, she has authored a weekly column, Everyday Etiquette, for 10 years.

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