Customer Service In an Instant

60 Ways to Win Customers and Keep Them Coming Back

Author:Keith Bailey and Karen Leland
ISBN-13: 978-1-60163-013-1
Pages: 160
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8.25 inches
Format: Paper
Price: $11.99

As most corporate giants and small businesses alike have realized,
service—both online and off—is a critical concern for surviving and thriving in
today’s fast-paced, quick-changing, and high-tech environment. One study
shows that it costs six times more to gain a new customer than to retain a
current one.

Customer Service In An Instant will help the reader learn how to create and
project a winning service attitude in the often stress-filled environment of
work, discover powerful actions they can take to increase customer loyalty
and retention, and apply time-tested techniques for dealing with difficult
customers and coworkers. Filled with real world, practical advice gathered
from Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs around
the world, Customer Service In An Instant is a must read for anyone whose
job involves frequent contact with external or internal customers by
telephone, e-mail, or in person.

Readers will learn the essential skills they need to create the kind of service
partnerships that lead to both satisfied customers and staff including:

• Using technology to create customer closeness.
• Winning loyalty points by taking service initiative.
• Understanding customers’ core concerns.
• Learning the most powerful two sentences in customer service.

The In An Instant series is a new brand of user-friendly, engaging, and
practical reference guides on core business topics, which capitalizes on the
authors’ extensive experience and knowledge, as well as interviews they
have conducted with leading business experts. Written in an upbeat and
engaging style, the series presents 60 tips and techniques with anecdotes,
examples, and exercises that the reader can immediately apply to make their
work life more efficient, effective, and satisfying.

Karen Leland is a partner in Sterling Consulting Group and coauthor with Keith
Bailey of the best-selling Customer Service for Dummies and Watercooler
Wisdom: How Smart People Prosper in the Face of Conflict, Pressure and
Change. Her consulting clients include American Express, Roche, Marriott
Hotels, and Oracle. She is a familiar face in the media and has been
interviewed by Time, Newsweek, Ladies Home Journal, Women’s Day, CBS,
and Oprah. She lives in San Rafael, California.

Keith Bailey is a partner in Sterling Consulting Group. His consulting clients
include Microsoft, AT&T, Johnson and Johnson, and Lufthansa. He has been
interviewed by Fortune, Entrepreneur, Inc. magazine, and CNN. He lives in
Mill Valley, California.

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