Capitalizing on Kindness

Why 21st Century Professionals Need to Be Nice

Author:Kristin Tillquist
ISBN-13: 978-1-60163-038-4
Pages: 256
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To be successful in the 21st century global marketplace you need many things—determination, well-articulated goals, and a bit of luck. But more than anything else, you need kindness.
Kindness becomes the key business asset when you couple a caring attitude toward others with a focus on achieving your goals. Often
people see business as a choice between being kind and being successful. This is a fictitious trade-off. Nice people are more successful. Those
who wish to succeed in the 21st century business climate which is characterized by intense competition, ever-evolving technologies,
and escalating expectations, must make the conscious development of kindness their business imperative.
The successes of many of the most accomplished professionals come as a result of developing the Five Powers of Kindness:
1. Reputation: Being trusted and building a strong reputation
2. Reciprocity: Garnering reciprocal kindnesses from others
3. Personality: Learning to be someone that others like
4. Thanks: Being gracious and appreciative of others
5. Connecting: Building a strong network of relationships
In Capitalizing on Kindness you will learn simple techniques to harness the Five Powers to your professional advantage. You will also
find out how to:
* Avoid barriers to effectively using kindness in business
* Help others while simultaneously benefiting yourself
* Create a culture of corporate kindness
* Dramatically improve your bottom line in a way that feels good and does good
* Easily include kindness in your professional life
Simply stated, doing good is good business.
Kristin Tillquist’s expertise in business spans politics, the law, and internationalism. She is the chief of staff to the mayor of the City of Riverside, the capital city of one of the largest, fastest-growing counties in America. Working with politicians from throughout California and the nation, Tillquist knows the techniques of influence that work...and those that don’t. A former attorney, she is now a noted business consultant, inspirational speaker, columnist, and teacher/trainer on the value of professionalism and kindness in business.

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