Winning Government Contracts

How Your Small Business Can Find and Secure Federal Contracts Up to $100,000

Author:Malcolm Parvey and Deborah Alston
ISBN-13: 978-1-56414-975-6
Pages: 240
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8.25 inches
Format: Paper
Price: $13.99

The United States federal government is the biggest customer in the world. It
buys 20% of all the services and products produced in the U.S. But of the 22
million registered U.S. companies, fewer than 2% of them seek out this
market. Why? Because small business owners don’t know where and how to
get these contracts.

Winning Government Contracts will change that. It begins at the beginning,
assuming no prior knowledge of the government marketplace and its
sometimes complicated terminology. Written in a clear, easy-to-understand
language by experienced sales and marketing professionals, this book takes
you through the registration and bidding process step-by-step. All the terms
used in government contracts are explained in plain English.

Winning Government Contracts shows you where to find the sales
opportunities on the Internet, then guides you through every step in your
quote, whether submitted electronically or on paper—explaining the jargon
and outlining the exact information that needs to be entered. You will learn
how to download drawings and specifications, understand shipping and
packaging requirements, and find out how much the government is currently
paying for an item before you submit an offer. The book also highlights areas
where beginners need to be particularly careful, such as remembering to
include shipping costs when you offer the government your best price!

After the offer has been submitted, the book explains how to find the results
of the bid—which company was awarded the contract and its price, as well as
the names and prices of all the other bidders. Included is the government’s
system of inspection, acceptance, invoicing, and payments, as well as the
specific requirements for service contracts such as Statements of Work,
Wage Determinations, and Technical Proposals.

Whatever your business, the federal government is a marketplace you can
enter. Winning Government Contracts will you show the way.

As an independent sales and marketing professional, Malcolm Parvey has
more than 30 years of experience helping small businesses sell their
products and services to the United States federal government. He has
completed hundreds of offers for clients from many different industries—from
individual distributors to sub-contractors and service companies. Parvey
works exclusively to assist small businesses with every aspect of the
federal government marketplace. He lives in Franklin, Massachusetts, with
his wife and children.

Deborah Alston has worked closely with Malcolm Parvey for the last four
years putting this book together. She lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with her
husband and two children.

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