Capitalizing on Being Woman Owned

Expert Advice for Women Who Have or Are Starting Their Own Business

Author:Janet W. Christy
ISBN-13: 978-1-56414-890-2
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8.25 inches
Format: Paper
Price: $13.99

“Capitalizing on Being Women Owned is just the ticket to taking the first step
out of your neighborhood and into the broader world of business opportunity.
It motivates and informs.”
—Susan Phillips Bari, President, Women's Business Enterprise National
Council and author of Breaking Through: Creating Opportunities for America’s
Women and Minority Owned Business

“This book is a reference guide and resource tool not only for women who own
businesses, but also for persons involved in certifying, assisting and buying
from Woman Owned Businesses. It provides a well-rounded understanding of
the entire issue.”
—Elizabeth Nesbitt Miller, site inspector for the National Women Business
Owners Corporation

"This is the definitive ‘how to’ guide to help women-owned businesses capture
Federal, state, and local government contracts.”
—Jason J. Friedman, Director of WEB Consulting Services, Women
Entrepreneurs of Baltimore, Inc

This is the best time ever to be a Woman Business Owner! And Capitalizing
On Being Woman Owned will show you why.

Government agencies need you in order to meet their vendor diversity goals.
See where to find them.

The Federal Government requires its contractors to use Woman Owned
Businesses as subcontractors. Learn how to let them know you exist.

Commercial enterprises are looking for businesses owned by women. Find out
where they are looking.

Capitalizing On Being Woman Owned provides practical information and
guidance on:
Knowing the advantages of being woman owned.
Identifying, qualifying and marketing to all types of government, educational
and business entities.
Understanding the reasons and benefits of “certification”
Finding real resources and using them effectively.
Using research and analysis tools, including web site addresses.

This book is also beneficial for anyone who works with Woman Owned
Businesses, including accountants, attorneys, marketing or PR firms and ad

Janet W. Christy is the founder and President of Leverage & Development,
LLC, a consulting firm that helps Women and Minority owned businesses use
their status to their advantage. Her services include marketing research and
planning, certification assistance, sales guidance, and assistance in
government bidding. She is based in Greer, South Carolina.

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