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Our History

Career Press was founded in 1985 as a niche publisher of targeted career directories. Today, Career Press and its imprint New Page Books boast an active, strong-selling backlist of nearly 1,000 titles. We have helped millions of job seekers, businesspeople, and consumers of all ages with the practical, helpful information they need. Our philosophy has remained constant since our founding: we publish the highest-quality books on topics most needed in the marketplace, written by established, credentialed, media-savvy professionals.

Career Press: Unlock Your Potential

At Career Press, we publish general non-fiction that addresses real, practical human needs. Our useful, accessible, how-to books reach a broad market of average Americans - people grappling with universal issues relating to job-hunting, career management, education, money, and personal goals.

Marketable Titles

In addition to being practical and useful, the Career Press books are entertaining and easy to digest, making them terrific sellers. Over the years, Career Press has developed a knack for identifying and developing popular topics, then successfully promoting those titles through publicity and marketing efforts. Career Press titles can be found on the shelves of chain and independent bookstores, drugstores, warehouse clubs, and other retail outlets around the world; for example, Career Press business titles are featured in Kinko's and Office Depot locations. Career Press books are being sold online through, Barnes &, and other online booksellers.

New Page Books

Our second imprint, New Page Books, was started in 1999, and publishes the best in New Age, health, self-help, science, history and general nonfiction titles. As this imprint continues to grow and command increasing sales and market share, we will continue to bring you top authors like Elaine Magee (Tell Me What to Eat…); Diane Warner, America’s most trusted wedding expert; Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone (Progressive Witchcraft) and Jeff Belanger (The World’s Most Haunted Places).

In 2017 Career Press became part of the Red Wheel/Weiser family of publishers.

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